2 million units of Realme GT Master Edition in 12 months

2 million units of Realme GT Master Edition in 12 months

Just a year after its debut, Realme’s GT Master Edition smartphone series hit a significant sales milestone. Sky Li, the CEO of Realme, announced on Twitter that sales of the smartphone line have surpassed the astounding 2 million unit threshold.

Last year, Realme launched the GT Master and the GT Explorer Master internationally. Both versions have a unique suitcase-like design created by Japanese artist Naoto Fukushawa. During the pandemic, people’s surge to travel served as the design inspiration for the bag. Since they were released, the unique designs of both smartphones have increased demand and appeal. The GT Master accounted for the majority of the edition’s sales. The GT Explorer Master was only briefly offered for sale.

In comparison to the GT Explorer Master, the GT Master is less expensive and slightly smaller. The Explorer Master cost €500 (about $521), whilst the GT Master was only available for €350 (about 365 dollars). The models have excellent screens, respectable cameras, powerful CPUs and long-lasting batteries. The GT2 Explorer Master, the following Realme GT model, has potential to be a flagship. It is reported that the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 SoC will power it. It launches this month and boasts a 5,000mAh battery.

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