A job listing hints at Forza Horizon 6 being in development

A job listing hints at Forza Horizon 6 being in development

Forza Horizon 5 hit the market six months ago and received a positive response from the gaming community for its ingenuity and gaming-friendly features, such as a sign language feature within the game. Developer Playground Games won the AI Assistance Award at the Video Game Accessibility Awards, beating Far Cry 6 and Psychonauts 2.

With the popularity of the franchise, it won’t be long before the company announces the next generation of the series. Forza Horizon 5 is still in full swing, but reports surrounding the next installment in the franchise have surfaced after a job posting was discovered by its developer.

The job listing by the developer was discovered on GameJobs.co, a website used for gaming-specific jobs. The ad promotes the position of a level designer for the Forza Horizon team and highlights the specific role is to work on an upcoming AAA game. Forza Horizon 5 is one of the best open-world racing games currently out there, resulting in many players to doubt the timing of the job listing and the structuring of a team to work on a new game. With only a six-month gap so far, it’s a possibility that developer Playground Games could spend plenty of time building the next generation of Forza Horizon.

The Microsoft property was introduced in 2001 as a direct competitor to Sony’s Gran Turismo series, releasing its first game in 2005, titled Forza Motorsport. Since then, the Motorsport series has received six more parts, with a future game planned. The Forza Horizon series debuted in 2012, with future installments released in two-year intervals. Forza Horizon 5 broke that trend, by launching the Forza Horizon 4 after a three-year gap, and the extra year did pay off as the game’s popularity shot through the roof. It’s possible that Playground Games is structuring its team to work on the next edition for two-to-three years in order to provide the next wave of racing to Xbox consoles.

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