A leak surfaced online hints at Silent Hill 2 remake

A leak surfaced online hints at Silent Hill 2 remake

It appears that the long-rumored Silent Hill 2 remake has suddenly surfaced online. We originally heard rumors that the iconic survival-horror game was being updated by developer Bloober Team and will eventually appear on the PlayStation 5 earlier this year. And while Konami hasn’t officially confirmed that Silent Hill 2 is returning in this manner, fresh screenshots that have just surfaced online seem to validate these earlier suspicions.

A few more pictures from what is purported to be the Silent Hill 2 remake have surfaced online in the last day. The game’s protagonist can be seen exploring a variety of rooms and halls in the photographs, which are of shockingly poor quality. Another graphic depicts the figure using a melee weapon against an adversary who is in front of them. According to further information from VGC, these photographs were obtained from a “pitch demo” created by Bloober Team rather than straight from the remake of Silent Hill 2. As a result, the finalized game will probably be considerably higher quality, even though much of what is seen here will probably be included.

In summary, it appears that this new version of Silent Hill 2 will switch the camera perspective from the original to a third person, behind-the-shoulder one. In fact, based on these photographs, it appears like the Silent Hill 2 remake may share a lot of similarities with Capcom’s remakes of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3, at least in terms of the change in perspective. But given that the popularity of previous Resident Evil remakes is thought to have had some impact on Konami’s choice to remake Silent Hill 2, it’s not surprising to see that Bloober Team wants to bring this iconic horror game in a similar way.

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