A month after the arrival of iOS 16 Apple released the iPadOS 16

A month after the arrival of iOS 16 Apple released the iPadOS 16

Since Apple created iPadOS and split its tablet software and iOS mobile operating systems, updates for both have been released simultaneously. But if a recent revelation from “people with knowledge of the subject” is genuine, all might alter in a month.

According to reports, compared to iOS 16, Apple intends to hold off on the introduction of iPadOS 16 by around a month. As is customary for a new iOS update, the latter would debut in September, but iPadOS 16 wouldn’t debut until October.

The reason? It is taking longer than expected to implement the new program for being glitchy and unclear, in addition to not working with the majority of iPads now on the market.

The postponed release of iPadOS 16 will bring it closer to the October possible introduction of new iPads. According to rumors, we’ll see a quicker entry-level iPad with a USB-C connector and an iPad Pro with the M2 processor.

For what it’s worth, Apple declined to respond, but has already acknowledged that a number of features for iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 won’t be included in the initial releases. Therefore, either the introduction of iPadOS 16 as a whole is delayed, it does not have Stage Manager at launch and Stage Manager is included in iPadOS 16.1, or something similar occurs.

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