A new Iron Man game rumored to be in development by EA

A new Iron Man game rumored to be in development by EA

Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson stated that single-player games are a “very significant element” of the company’s portfolio in the brand’s most recent financial filing for the quarter. This statement was made in response to claims that the publisher is now developing a Black Panther video game with a Marvel license. A new report suggests that EA may potentially be developing a standalone Iron Man video game. Due to the popularity of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, EA and Disney’s single-player collaboration seems to be expanding.

Industry insider and frequent leaker Tom Henderson is the source of the rumor. Henderson reacted to a brief video in which Jeff Grubb said that in addition to Black Panther, EA is also developing another single-player Marvel game. Henderson continued, claiming that he had heard allegations that Iron Man was the subject to second single-player Marvel game being developed by EA. But because he hasn’t received a definitive denial of the story’s veracity, he also classifies it as “heavily” falling into the rumor category.

Licensed video games are nothing new for Iron Man, despite the fact that the robotic suit-wearing superhero hasn’t seen the same kind of commercial breakthrough as Spider-Man and Batman. The most current VR game was Iron Man for the PlayStation, which came out in 2020. A trilogy of Iron Man video games that were based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Iron Man movies were released between 2008 and 2013. The series had changed to a mobile-only format by the third game, though.

If the rumor of an Iron Man single-player game is genuine, the key question is whose studio is doing it. It’s unclear who may be making Iron Man given that the majority of EA subsidiaries, like BioWare and Respawn, are now heavily focused on their own initiatives. For that matter, the same might be said about Black Panther.

Two Seattle-based teams formed in 2021 are the firms at the center of current rumors surrounding EA’s alleged single-player Marvel projects. The production crew behind Black Panther is reportedly helmed by Kevin Stephens, a former vice president of Monolith Productions. Perhaps the second Seattle production team, helmed by former Bungie creative director Marcus Lehto, is working on Iron Man.

Similar to the Black Panther story, if the Iron Man rumor is real, it may be years before EA makes an announcement. These single-player games are still in the early stages of development and are probably ambitious, so they will take some time to be made. The anticipation for these amazing single-player Marvel projects should hopefully be lessened by future leaks and speculations.

There are rumors that Iron Man is being developed.

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