A rumor suggests the iPhone 15 Ultra will have 8K video and longer battery life

A rumor suggests the iPhone 15 Ultra will have 8K video and longer battery life

With the exception of the 14 Plus, which will launch next month, the iPhone 14 series was only released last week. Is it too soon to start hearing speculations about the iPhone 15? No, those have been ongoing for some time, and LeakApplePro recently released a few forecasts.

It’s anticipated that USB-C would replace Lightning in all iPhone 15 variants. That is understandable given that just a few months after the 15-series goes on sale, USB-C will be required in the EU.

With the “Pro Max” model being renamed “Ultra”, there may be some lineup changes. Ming-Chi Kuo and Mark Gurman, two analysts, have already made this claim. It makes sense as it will more closely resemble the Apple M1 and Watch naming conventions. The iPhone 15 Ultra will have some special hardware, which is an intriguing feature.

One possibility is 8K video recording, however it’s also plausible that the iPhone 15 Pro will enable it. Additionally, Kuo claims that the Ultra will only feature a periscope lens (6x or 5x). Additionally, the Ultra’s battery life will be enhanced and last 3-4 hours longer.

The price of the iPhone 15 Ultra is anticipated to increase in comparison to the 14 Pro Max due to all these unique features, likely beginning at $1,200 (up from $1,100), although that is yet to be decided.

The other models in the series will be somewhat unified; the Dynamic Island design is anticipated to be used in all four. The Pro and Ultra variants will switch to the new Apple A17, while the standard iPhone 15 and 15 Plus will probably use the existing A16. Despite this, the two pairs will still employ different tiers of chipsets.

There have been rumors that the FaceID hardware may be placed below the display leaving only the camera punch hole. However, it will take months of research before it is known whether this technology will be practical or whether it will need to wait another year.

While the vanilla and Plus models are still a year away from launch, it is not clear whether they will come with high refresh rate displays and Always On modes.