Android 13 based Nothing OS update might not arrive soon as expected

Android 13 based Nothing OS update might not arrive soon as expected

It was just recently revealed that the Nothing Phone (1) will be available worldwide. The much anticipated new smartphone was powered by the Android 12 OS, but because the Android 13 update is just around the way, concerns have been raised about the significant update. But it seems like this update could take some time to come.

The founder of the brand published a somewhat meaningless statement on Twitter in response to a question on the Android 13 upgrade. “A product is more than simply its specs, features and version numbers”, were his exact words. The Android 13 upgrade is not yet ready, despite the fact that this could seem like a reasonable answer, and it appears that the update won’t be released any time soon either.

Even while the Android upgrade for the Phone (1) isn’t imminent, the company is probably working on it right now, so it’s not all bad news. This is validated since the business stated that the new smartphone will receive three years’ worth of OS upgrades. But even a brief press release or silent announcement would have been preferable to such a pointless, flat answer.

Since the Nothing Phone (1)’s release, several customers have complained that the software still needs improvement. Therefore, a significant upgrade may provide the device with more powerful software features. Stay tuned for additional information on this subject as, regrettably, it is still only a rumor at this time.

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