Apple commences the iPhone 14 trial production; mass production to start next month

Apple commences the iPhone 14 trial production; mass production to start next month

Apple’s next-generation of iPhones, dubbed iPhone 14 series, is launching in the coming months and seemingly Apple has high hopes for the upcoming lineup.

Latest reports suggest Apple has kicked off the trial production of the iPhone 14 series smartphone. Apple is expecting to sell more iPhone 14 series devices compared to its predecessors.

According to the source, the iPhone 14 lineup’s trial manufacturing has begun and Apple plans to begin mass producing the devices in August. It further states that Apple has told its suppliers that the upcoming iPhone 14 series would launch with stronger initial sales than the iPhone 13 range did last year.

Apple’s sales projections are in line with the predictions made by market analysts. If major economies experience a recession, several analysts predict that the next-generation Apple iPhone series will outperform the worldwide smartphone market.

Although the global market for smartphones seems to be slowing down, Apple has been doing well in terms of sales. Contrary to its history of iPhone sales slowing down from the month of July in preparation of the next-generation model, the brand is currently seeing strong sales momentum for the iPhone 13 series.

As a result of a number of variables, including the growing cost of raw materials, supply restrictions and other economic issues, it is also being reported that the price of the Apple iPhone 14 series might be $100 more expensive than that of its predecessor. It’s possible that the cupertino-based tech giant won’t raise the price, so we’ll have to wait a few months to find out for sure what the iPhone 14 series will cost.

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