At launch iPhone 14 could arrive with a cheaper price tag than Phone 13 as per new leak

At launch iPhone 14 could arrive with a cheaper price tag than Phone 13 as per new leak

On September 7, there will be a debut event for the iPhone 14. Apple will introduce four new iPhone models at the event. The iPhone 14, 14 Max, 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max fall under this category. There are rumors that the Pro models will receive significant enhancements above the vanilla ones. Apple is also said to raise the price of the iPhone 14 series due to the influx of updates. However, a recent TrendForce analysis makes the opposite assertion.

The price of the iPhone 14 may be less than anticipated, according to the report. According to TrendForce, the basic iPhone 14 might cost $50 less in the US than the iPhone 13 128GB, which had a $799 launch price. This suggests that the iPhone 14’s starting price might be $749. (roughly INR 59,600). According to the source, the 14 Max might have a starting price of $849 (around INR 67,600), down from the previously reported price of $900. (roughly INR 71,700).

Due to the escalating worldwide inflation and fluctuating currency exchange rates, Apple is allegedly playing it cautious and not raising the price as much. In order to prevent these variables from having an impact on its sales performance, the corporation intends to choose a more conservative pricing approach.

Further supporting some of the earlier rumors, TrendForce experts predicted that the 14 Pro and the 14 Pro Max will see a price increase this year. For both models, the price increase might be between $50 and $100. Accordingly, the 14 Pro might retail for $1049 (about INR 83,500) at launch, while the 14 Pro Max could cost $1149 (roughly INR 91,500).

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