Bandai Namco launched My Hero Ultra Impact game for mobile devices

Bandai Namco launched My Hero Ultra Impact game for mobile devices

My Hero Academia has been adapted into many video games. There’s been two games already out there – My Hero Academia: One’s Justice, a game that pitches the heroes and villains in the series against each other, and My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero, which has the players role playing their favorite heroes or villains and utilizing their quirks in a strategy RPG format. There is one more title based on the popular anime on the way to the west, known as My Hero Ultra Impact.

My Hero Ultra Impact is a fighting RPG based on the series, developed by Bandai Namco. Players can take some of their favorite heroes into 3-on3 battles against various enemies. The heroes are summoned via gacha mechanics, where fan-favorite heroes like Bakugo, Todoroki and Kirishima are possible units that players can use. The game was previously announced in Japan back in May 2021, with over 3 million downloads. This game will soon reach the west and will be available to download in 57 countries, including North America, Europe and Asia.

The launch trailer of the new game showcases the 3-on-3 gameplay, with heroes like Deku, Bakugo and Todoroki taking on a boss version of Fused Overhaul in the single-player campaign. The game also showcases some competitive aspects, where players can fight each other in online battles. Other parts of the game were shown where players can have some of their favorite My Hero Academia characters chilling out in a casual base.

It’s already been nearly a year since the game debuted in Japan, so there will be plenty of stuff for fans to enjoy. It will be a direct translation of the Japanese version, so players can get into the latest updates with the newest characters, features and events. A new update will also include the 3-on-3 competitive PvP mode that was showcased in the launch trailer.

For all new players who pre-registered for the game will receive 750 Hero gems, which will be enough to recruit 15 heroes after installing the game. The drop rate for certain ultra rare characters will also be increased for a period of time after release, specifically for a version of All Might and All For One. There will also be a login bonus that will give players chances to earn several rewards which will help level their characters up and recruit more heroes.

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