Bandai Namco revealed the teaser of Tekken 8 at EVO 2022

Bandai Namco revealed the teaser of Tekken 8 at EVO 2022

At this year’s EVO, the Tekken team also gave fans a sneak peek at the free update coming to Tekken 7, but that wasn’t the only new thing they had in store. They also unveiled new trailers for the Tekken World Tour 2023 and the 2022 Global Finals. BNE also alluded to the release of a new installment in the franchise in a terse teaser.

The iconic sequence from the first cutscene, in which Kazuya kills his father by tossing him down a cliff, was featured in the teaser. The video immediately changed to a shot of an older Kazuya wearing a brand-new outfit, indicating that Tekken 8 could be coming soon.

The possibility that BNE is developing a remake or a sequel for the property has been circulating online. Even though there isn’t much to go on from this quick teaser, there is a good likelihood that Tekken 8 will release soon.

One of the most recognisable game series and unquestionably one of the most valuable legacy trademarks in gaming is Tekken. Publishers of venerable brands are increasingly playing on nostalgia by releasing one or more remakes.

Publishers like Capcom have demonstrated the enormous potential of recreating legendary titles from the past, like the Resident Evil series. These decisions have paid off greatly for Capcom as they have rekindled interest in the brand and increased sales of not only the remakes but also upcoming games in the series.

This makes it particularly puzzling that Bandai Namco Entertainment decided against doing one or more remakes. Although the release date of the upcoming Tekken game is yet unknown, additional information is sure to surface over the coming months.

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