BOE halts the production of OLEDs for the iPhone 13

BOE halts the production of OLEDs for the iPhone 13

The OLED screen production for iPhone 12 by BOE, has been stopped since February, as per a new report. The Korean outlet The Elec mentions, the design of the circuit width has been altered prior authorization and Apple ordered its partner to halt production.

The decline in production of OLED panels at BOE started with a shortage of display driver ICs, which BOE receives from LX semicon – a South Korean semiconductor brand that also supplies to LG Display. However, the more significant reason is the Chinese maker unilaterally changed the thin-film transistor, which would affect the internal architecture of the phone.

The report also added that this issue would not be a deal-breaker for the partnership between both companies. The Elec assumed Apple wants to keep its OLED suppliers diversified in order to reduce dependence on Samsung and LG and have a better bargaining position. Expectations are BOE to manufacture displays for the upcoming iPhone 14, as its B11 factory in Sichuan is still in operation despite the lower production rate.

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