Check out the global launch time of Tower of Fantasy based on your country

Check out the global launch time of Tower of Fantasy based on your country

Upcoming open-world RPG title, Tower of Fantasy, was created by Perfect World, Level Infinite and Hotta Studios. The game’s anime-inspired design is quite reminiscent of Genshin Impact. The anime-inspired open-world RPG game is set hundreds of years in the future on the planet Aida. Depending on your location, Tower of Fantasy will launch on PC and mobile devices on August 10 or 11. The release date and timing for all areas have recently been verified by the devs. Here’s how to determine the local launch time for Tower of Fantasy in your country of residency now that the countdown to its release has officially begun.

The game is scheduled to debut on August 10 at 5:00 PM PDT. Here is a list of several countries’ local launch times for Tower of Fantasy:


Launch Time


Thursday, 5:30 AM


Thursday, 8:00 AM


Wednesday, 9:00PM


Thursday, 9:00AM


Thursday, 10:00AM

New Zealand

Thursday, 12:00AM

South Korea

Thursday, 9:00AM


Thursday, 2:00AM


Wednesday, 8:00PM


Wednesday, 7:00PM


Thursday, 7:00AM

South Africa

Thursday, 2:00AM


Thursday, 6:30AM


Thursday, 7:00AM


Thursday, 1:00AM

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Thursday, 3:00AM


Thursday, 3:00AM


Thursday, 8:00AM


Wednesday, 8:00PM

Eight people and several incredible events will be included in the initial edition of Tower of Fantasy. According to the game’s website, three million people have already pre-registered for it. The game’s main characteristics are listed below. With the detailed character creation system in the game, users may personalize characters and make them appear like themselves.

With their pals or by themselves, players will be able to battle amid ruins in Aida’s enormous sci-fi globe and defeat world bosses. Through the global channel, gamers can also establish parties with other players. Each of the characters will have a distinct past.

As they go through the game, players can investigate the back stories of the characters. Additionally, each character will have a unique weapon. The characters that will be accessible weapon launch are listed below:

  • Meryl—Weapon: Claymore (Ice)
  • Shiro—Weapon: Chakram (Grievous)
  • Zero—Weapon: Enchanted Cube (Fire)
  • King—Weapon: Scythe (Fire)
  • Tsubasa—Weapon: Bow and Arrow (Ice)
  • Cocoritter—Weapon: Scepter (Ice)
  • Crow—Weapon: Double Blade (Lightning)
  • Samir—Weapon: Dual Pistol (Lightning)

That concludes the discussion on Tower of Fantasy’s global launch timing. By visiting the official website or following the official social media accounts, users may keep up with all the information.

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