EA confirmed a new Iron Man game, EA set to announce more Marvel based projects later

EA confirmed a new Iron Man game, EA set to announce more Marvel based projects later

A specific Iron Man game was the subject of persistent rumors early last month, and EA has just revealed the game’s identity. Motive Studio, located in Montreal, will oversee game production. Motive is currently working on the Dead Space Remake in addition to past titles like Star Wars Squadron and Star Wars Battlefront II.

Oliver Proulx, who will be in charge of the development team at Motive, is one of the firm’s many seasoned professionals. Motive has revealed that the game would be mostly a single-player experience, which is a hugely exciting development for fans of Marvel as well as single-player, third-person games.

Bill Rosemann, vice president and creative director at Marvel Games, stated, “We are pleased to work with the amazing team at Motive Studio to deliver their original vision of one of Marvel’s most significant, potent, and popular characters. The press statement from Motive Studio appears to imply that there are a lot of other Marvel-EA projects in the works, which will only add to the current surge of amazing superhero news.

We have just been informed that the game is now in pre-production, therefore we do not yet have a precise idea of when it will be released. The game may not be released for several years, given the size of Marvel’s videogame projects up until this point.

However, given the abundance of major superhero games scheduled for release over the next several years, it is an exciting moment to be a fan of both video games and superheroes. Iron Man hasn’t been explored as much as gamers would want, and given that Tony Stark, as played by Nolan North, was one of the highlights of Crystal Dynamic’s Avengers game, fans undoubtedly want to see more.

Watching the upcoming Iron Man game’s scale and ability to compete with titles like Marvel’s Spider-Man and Batman Arkham City will be intriguing.