EA partners up with Marvel, confirmed to have 3 games in development

EA partners up with Marvel, confirmed to have 3 games in development

In a recent announcement, EA and Marvel stated that they will work together on at least three new action-adventure games for PC and consoles. A third-person, action-adventure, Iron Man game is presently being developed by Motive Studios. Each game will be an own tale based in the Marvel world.

It will be intriguing to see what Motive has in store for players after the Iron Man game was first rumored and subsequently confirmed by EA. In addition to Iron Man, there have been rumors that a Black Panther video game is in the works, although there hasn’t yet been any official word on the IP.

This is a great milestone for our creators as well as our gamers and fans, said Laura Miele, COO of EA. “We have been longtime fans of Marvel and their impressive leadership,” she said.

Marvel has not had the most successful runs in video games, despite the Marvel Cinematic Universe being far more profitable than any other movie franchise in the globe. While there have been titles like Marvel’s Spider-Man, a significant percentage of Marvel’s IP in games has struggled to get traction in the market.

Marvel’s Avengers, released most recently by Crystal Dynamics, performed poorly both critically and economically. One of the largest publishers in the world, EA has a lot of great studios working on the Marvel IP under its umbrella. Even though EA hasn’t always handled well-known IPs, it’s impossible to ignore the tremendous amount of production value that EA has at its disposal.

“At Marvel, we strive to find best-in-class teams who can take our characters on heroic journeys in ways they haven’t before, and collaborating with Electronic Arts will help us achieve that,” said Jay Ong, Executive Vice President at Marvel Games. “We pride ourselves on being enthusiastic, creative collaborators with developers so they have the freedom to create something deeply unique and truly remarkable. The team at Motive is getting started on that with their Iron Man video game and we can’t wait for players to learn more in the far future.”

Respawn Entertainment, one of EA’s most well-known teams, is presently developing several new games, including a few Star Wars titles. This most certainly means that the company won’t be working on any Marvel-related IP, but Respawn may give it a shot if the agreement were to last longer than three games.