EDENS ZERO from Hiro Mishima will get a mobile game adaptation set to release on February 24

EDENS ZERO from Hiro Mishima will get a mobile game adaptation set to release on February 24

Konami has announced that EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy, an action RPG game based on Edens Zero manga from the creator of Fairy Tail, Hiro Mishima, is set to launch on the 24 February worldwide in English and ten other languages. The game will be available for both Android and iOS users from the launch day.

Konami first gave hints about Edens Zero Pocket Galaxy during the 2020 Tokyo Games Show, the company said that they are actively working on 3D console games alongside mobile games. As per the announcement by Konami, the Pocket Galaxy will have a traditional Japanese version and a worldwide English version.

Edens Zero Pocket Galaxy was launched on the official website with the trailer of the game that contained gameplay videos in both Japanese and English versions which go live on the same day, with an original story featuring Shiki, Weisz and Homura, Edens Zero Pocket Galaxy will let users experience the key moments from the manga. The game will also have several costumes to collect for all characters designed by Hiro Mishima himself.

To build an active community of users, Konami is giving away multiple rewards to players who pre-register from their official website including skip tickets and crafting material. Konami also confirmed that players who will play on the launch will get an in-game Cyber Cosplay item.

Edens  Zero Pocket Galaxy requires Android 9.0 or later with Snapdragon 845 or latest chipset and 4GB RAM or more RAM capacity. While on the other hand for iOS users the game needs iOS 10 or later with an iPhone X or further models. Users can now pre-register for both Android and iOS from the official website and win rewards.

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