Ex-Razer designer creates controller which is expected to replace gaming keyboards

Ex-Razer designer creates controller which is expected to replace gaming keyboards

There has been a debate among PC gamers on controller vs. keyboard which has been going on for a long time now. The controller is considered more comfortable to hold and can be helpful with games that need specific kinds of fine or rapid movements. These factors make controllers a good choice for driving and third-person action games. On the contrary, the mouse and keyboard still remain the king and queen of precision inputs, making them irreplaceable to fans of first-person shooters. Several brands have made an attempt to bridge the gap with specialized gaming keyboards, though they have not been the best of designs.

Now, ex-designer of Razer, Edward Larkin, thinks he has the solution. His company recently unveiled the new Alt Motion Controller, which Larkin hopes will bring a revolution to PC gaming by finally offering gamers the best of both worlds.

The PLA Labs ALt Motion Controller almost resembles a trackball replaced by a central joystick and two smaller joysticks on either side. The three analog sticks work just like those on a handheld controller, with an additional benefit that all three can be used at the same time. In addition, users can map whatever they want to the sticks, offering PC gamers numerous combinations. The controller also has a built-in analog steering wheel for driving games. While Larkin doesn’t expect the controller to replace the player’s mouse and keyboard completely, it certainly seems capable of a lot.

The Alt Motion will start shipping later this year and will have a price tag of $250. That’s about the same as a Razer Huntsman V2 or Logitech G915 Lightspeed gaming keyboard.

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