Garmin announced the MARQ luxury smartwatch collection

Garmin announced the MARQ luxury smartwatch collection

Garmin, a manufacturer of premium smartwatches, has shown its newest lineup. The MARQ Athlete, MARQ Captain, MARQ Golfer, MARQ Aviator and MARQ Adventurer are all part of the new Garmin MARQ line. Three years have passed since Garmin announced the first version of the MARQ series.

The latest line of premium smartwatches from Garmin, the MARQ series, has titanium exteriors and high-end prices. Although they have a new and more appealing appearance, they have the same design as the first-generation versions. They are made of pricey materials including jacquard-woven nylon, porcelain, and sapphire crystal. They also provide bracelets and straps made of silicon, leather, nylon, and titanium.

The MARQ series, Garmin’s most recent range of high-end smartwatches, boasts titanium casings and expensive pricing. They feature the same design as the first-generation devices, despite their fresher, more attractive look. They are constructed of expensive materials including sapphire crystal, porcelain and jacquard-woven nylon. They also sell straps and bracelets made of titanium, leather, nylon, silicon and other materials.

Athletes are the target market for the MARQ Athlete, which has several features that cater to them. The Adventurer has a compass bezel with a traditional design and edge-to-edge leather. The Golfer model sports a color scheme inspired by golf and includes 42,000 golf courses from across the world preloaded. The built-in Regatta Timer on the MARQ Captain, which is designed for navigators, aids racers in arriving at the starting line on schedule. Tide changes are announced through warnings and sirens. There are profiles for several different water activities, including windsurfing, kitesurfing, and kayaking.

The second-generation MARQ smartwatch line is available for between $1,900 and $2,400. The newest Garmin smartwatches will be sold this month, although specific release information is not yet available.