God of War 2018 becomes one of the top 30 best selling games ever

God of War 2018 becomes one of the top 30 best selling games ever

God of War (2018) was already fairly popular when it first launched on the PS4, but it appears that its release on the PC has significantly increased sales. The game had sold more than 18 million copies before it was launched on PC, and as of the most recent financial earnings reports disclosed by Sony, it appears that the game has sold more than 23 million copies.

This is a really encouraging development for Sony, and it only serves to reinforce their resolve to port some of their most well-known IPs to PC. The game is currently firmly entrenched on the list of the 30 best-selling video games of all time, right next to industry titans like Mario Kart and Red Dead Redemption 2. These types of figures are only reserved for third-party games like Call of Duty, GTA and of course Nintendo games, so this is really important for what is effectively a first party game that is not Nintendo’s

As of June 2022, The Last of Us Part II, one of Sony’s other significant first-party titles, has just reached the 10 million milestone. God of War (2018) was one of the best reviewed games Sony has ever produced, and the PC version’s release opened up a whole new audience for it, enabling it to surpass the 20 million sales threshold. It seems sense that Sony would desire to increase the number of ports it offers to the PC market.

The Last of Us Part I, a recreation of the 2013 original game, will be released soon. Although the game’s release date has not yet been specified, it is anticipated to coincide with the premiere of The Last of Us, an HBO series, which is scheduled to debut on January 15, 2023.

God of War Ragnarok, one of the year’s major blockbusters due out on November 9, 2022, is presently Sony’s main priority. It’s unlikely that SIE will reveal the game’s PC port so soon after its PlayStation debut, but it’s probable that the PC version will be released within the following several years.

Speaking of PlayStation IP coming to PC, Bloodborne’s release on the PC platform has been one of the main subjects of talk in the PlayStation-PC community. Since the game’s debut, fans have been calling for it to be released on PC because it is regarded as one of the best hits of the PS4 era. Fans are still holding out hope even though neither FromSoftware nor Sony have officially confirmed a Bloodborne PC release. Given how well PlayStation has done on PC, it seems probable that SIE is thinking about porting Bloodborne there.