Google releases Google One VPN services for Mac and Windows users

Google releases Google One VPN services for Mac and Windows users

Users with the Premium Plan or above for Google One have free access to the company’s VPN service. The service was previously only available on Android and iOS smartphones, but Google is now making it available to PC users as well.

The business has announced that it would support Google One VPN for Mac and Windows devices. It is made available in 22 nations worldwide and allows users to hide their IP addresses and disable trackers.

Users of the desktop version will require at least Windows 10 or macOS Big Sur. The Windows software does not support 32-bit or ARM-based PCs, but the Mac version supports both x86 and ARM users.

It’s important to note that, in contrast to many expensive VPN services on the market, Google One’s VPN does not permit users to alter their location in order to access or unlock media material from different areas on streaming services. The Google One VPN instantly allocates an IP address in the location from which the user is getting connected, much as Apple’s iCloud Plus VPN.

Additionally, Google has third parties audit its VPN service. To maintain transparency, the business also makes its app libraries’ source code available. The audit for the desktop apps will be made public in the “coming weeks,” according to the internet search giant.

In 2020, Google began providing a free VPN service to users of its Google One service with a 2TB plan in the US. Since that time, however, the firm has expanded its availability to 22 more regions, including Mexico, Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy, among others.