Google Stadia scheduled to shut down on January 18, 2023

Google Stadia scheduled to shut down on January 18, 2023

Google has announced that Stadia, their game streaming service, is coming to an end. The last day of service will be January 18, 2023.

Users will receive refunds from Google for any hardware and software purchases. The Stadia controller as well as any games and add-on materials purchased from the Stadia shop will all be refunded to purchasers. It’s anticipated that the reimbursements would be finished by mid-January 2023.

According to Google, other divisions of the corporation, including YouTube, Google Play, and its augmented reality (AR) initiatives, will use the technology that powers Stadia. The team members who are currently working on Stadia will continue doing so elsewhere in the organization.

Due to Google’s propensity to shut down ventures that don’t take off right away, the industry was skeptical when Google Stadia was introduced in March 2019. Numerous people also questioned the poor quality of the library and the exorbitant price of the games given that the customer did not directly own them.

Even though Google declared two years later that it is closing its first-party gaming studio and the product head departed the firm, the service limped about for a time.

Even though the company maintained everything was OK and that Stadia wasn’t closing as late as July, the writing has been on the wall for the company ever since. That wasn’t true at all, as we now see.

However, because Microsoft, Nvidia and Amazon are still dedicated to their services, the death of Stadia does not necessarily spell the end of cloud gaming as a whole. For these brands, it was always going to be a long-term commitment, but that’s not what Google is renowned for.