Gotham Knights PC trailer released, A teaser shows Court of Owls boss fight

Gotham Knights PC trailer released, A teaser shows Court of Owls boss fight

Gotham Knights recently received a brand-new PC features trailer and the game is expected to release later this month. The game will support a number of high-end PC capabilities, including Intel XeSS, the company’s new AI Enhanced Upscaling technology, ray-traced reflections and ultrawide display capability.

High-end PC owners will be able to maximize the game’s capabilities and adjust their experience to suit their hardware. WB Games Montreal, the team behind Batman: Arkham Origins, one of the most underappreciated games of the past ten years, is currently working on Gotham Knights, one of the year’s most anticipated releases.

The game won’t be taking place in the same world as Rocksteady’s forthcoming Suicide Squad or the Batman Arkham games since it isn’t based in the Arkhamverse.

Together with Rocksteady Studios, WB Games Montreal has collaborated on a variety of games, including various Batman: Arkham Knight expansions. The strong narrative in Batman: Arkham Origins is proof that the company can create engaging storylines.

However, one of the game’s biggest criticisms was its seeming lack of complexity in the fighting and clunky navigation. With Gotham Knights, WB Games Montreal aims to create a brand-new gameplay experience with four characters, an RPG-like scenario and the ability for up to four people to participate in cooperative gameplay.

With up to 4 players sharing the same game environment, the co-op seems to happen naturally, allowing for natural superhero alliances around the city. It will be fascinating to see how this plays out in the game because the concept is very cool.

For October 21, 2022, Gotham Knights is slated for release on Xbox series X/S, PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Windows.