GTA VI will reportedly have a female protagonist and be more culturally sensitive

GTA VI will reportedly have a female protagonist and be more culturally sensitive

Bloomberg has released a sizable piece about Rockstar’s shift in workplace culture, which also appears to expose a tonne of brand-new details about GTA 6. The article by Jason Schreier discusses abandoned GTA Online concepts, including the “Cops n Crooks” game option that was shelved soon after George Floyd’s death.

The termination of the aforementioned project demonstrates a favorable change in Rockstar’s stance on contentious political matters. The next GTA game is being developed in a manner that reflects this as well; according to the source, the game will include the first playable female protagonist in the series’ history.

The narrative of the video game supposedly has two characters, one of which is Latina and is inspired by the renowned bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde.

After the 2018 release of Red Dead Redemption 2, numerous employees accused the publishers and studios of creating a hostile workplace. This led to a period of transformation for Rockstar. The firm has reduced the gender pay gap as a result of this move, and a post-RDR 2 report appeared to have suggested a change in Rockstar’s workplace culture to lessen the likelihood of a crunch for the production of next video games.

According to Schreier, the upcoming GTA game may feel “quite different” from its forerunners. One possible explanation for this is that the company has changed how it tackles sensitive political issues, as seen by the removal of multiple transphobic jokes from a PS5, Xbox Series X/S re-release of GTA 5.

The article goes into depth on how Rockstar has started to shed its “fart guy” image and is now requesting that its developers refrain from making jokes that “punch down” on underrepresented groups in the upcoming GTA game. According to the source, the game should be available before March 2024, although no official announcement of a release date has yet been made.

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