iQOO 9 goes through durability test, it survives but gets disassembled

iQOO 9 goes through durability test, it survives but gets disassembled

The iQOO 9 series has been out for over a month now and PBKreviews put it to durability test and then disassembled it to see how the new non-Pro phone would perform.

The durability test was kicked off with a 30 second water submersion test to check how the phone holds up despite its lack of an official IP rating. There seems to be no issue here so the host proceeded to the scratch test using various Mohs’ mineral picks which leave light scratches at level 6 & 7 and deeper grooves at level 8 & 9.

The side frame and buttons are made of aluminum while the back panel is made of a textured glass which shows light scratches at level 5 and the level 8 pick leaves deeper cuts. The phone is pretty tough as it doesn’t bend under force from either the front or the back. This earns the iQOO 9 a solid 9/10 durability score.

Moving on to the disassembly test which starts by removing the back panel and revealing a large graphite film strip keeping the phone cool under pressure. The phone has a dual cell battery that combines to a total of 4,700mAh.

The mainboard houses the cameras, chipset, RAM and storage modules. We can see the main 50MP lens is the only one to have OIS while the 12MP telephoto and 13MP ultrawide snappers do not. The phone has several liquid damage stickers that do not indicate any liquids got in the phone from the previous test. Replacing the screen won’t be an easy job as you’d have to get rid of all the key components beforehand and heat up the panel. The final verdict is a 4.5/10 repairability score.

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