Konami preparing to official announce the Silent Hill project soon

Konami preparing to official announce the Silent Hill project soon

A Silent Hill series showcase has been scheduled on October 19, after years and years of speculation and complete quiet from the publisher. The Silent Hill franchise will be the main topic of the webcast, however it’s not clear if that means a brand-new game or a remake or remaster of an older Silent Hill title.

The whole gaming industry has been impatiently awaiting Konami to release a new installment in the series, and it appears that we may have something concrete to work with shortly. The craze around the brand had grown out of control during the previous year, with titles from other companies even being accused of being a new Silent Hill game in disguise.

On October 19, it will be intriguing to see what the publisher has in store for us and one can only hope the new project will be able to compete with titles like PT.

The cancellation of both PT and the Silent Hills game by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro will collaborate on a new game in the franchise called Silent Hills, starring Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead.

Then Kojima-directed “P.T,” a “playable teaser” released by Konami, provided one of the scariest and most captivating horror experiences ever. The game was later shelved after Kojima and Konami’s partnership ended, never to be seen again.

Fans are now hopeful that the series may make a reappearance and that the new company will be able to produce something that will offer an experience that is almost as terrifying as PT.