Latest rumors claim Global OnePlus 10 Pro will run OxygenOS

Latest rumors claim Global OnePlus 10 Pro will run OxygenOS

The global launch of the OnePlus 10 is apparently coming in the next few weeks, as the phone was rumored to be in stores by the end of March. Unlike the already available Chinese version, which runs Oppo’s ColorOS, the global model was supposedly coming with a new unified ColorOS + OxygenOS skin. At least that’s what the two brands announced back in September, when the OnePlus 10 series was specifically mentioned as the first to get the new unified OS.

According to a new rumor from a usually dependable tipster, that’s not happening. Apparently, the OnePlus 10 Pro will launch globally with OxygenOS still on board. It’s vague whether this means full, classic, old-style OxygenOS, or the newer version (as seen on the Nord2) which looks like OxygenOS but has ColorOS code underneath.

The unified OS, on the other hand, has allegedly been delayed, although it’s unclear what the new release timeline may be. If this rumor pans out, fans of OxygenOS will have some more time to get used to the idea of their beloved skin disappearing altogether in the future.

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