Leaked details show features of MIUI 14 ahead of launch; tipped to have new design and features

Leaked details show features of MIUI 14 ahead of launch; tipped to have new design and features

New MIUI 14 features are anticipated from Xiaomi soon. The company hasn’t yet made clear when it would make the next MIUI upgrade announcement. According to reports, Xiaomi intends to launch MIUI 14 as a significant upgrade rather than MIUI 13.5, like it did last year. Some of the future MIUI features have been disclosed in a fresh report while we wait for official information.

Xiaomi UI claims that MIUI 14 is still in the early phases of development. MIUI 22.7.19 is the version that is currently under development. Online information on some of the new features and the user interface is now available. Let’s look at the alleged new MIUI 14 features that will debut later this year.

The UI of MIUI 14 is said to undergo some significant design changes. According to sources, the latest MIUI update may be published on August 16. In the meanwhile, XiaomiUI has been successful in obtaining screenshots of a few of the new features of the impending MIUI upgrade.

According to the report, the App Vault and MIUI Clock apps’ user interface and design have been modified. Xiaomi has now made it possible to permanently turn off notifications right from the Notification shade.

In the Gallery app, the latest MIUI version will also recognise text in photos. The same function is reportedly included in the OneUI 5.0 and is already included in iOS 15. The Gallery app on MIUI will gain a new memories feature that will enable the “On this day” function. Users will also have the option of removing the Clock app. The MIUI code also implies that Qualcomm’s LE Audio would soon be supported. The new anti-fraud measures that Xiaomi will roll out to improve customer privacy.

Several Xiaomi and Redmi devices are anticipated to receive the next update. These include the Redmi Note 11 series, Note 10 series, Redmi K50 series, Xiaomi 12S Ultra, Xiaomi 12S Pro, Xiaomi 12S, Xiaomi 12 series, etc.

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