Leaked info reveals the pricing of Xiaomi 12T series in Europe

Leaked info reveals the pricing of Xiaomi 12T series in Europe

According to Xiaomi, the 12T series will debut on October 4. The brand will globally introduce its new premium smartphones. In India, the 12T series is anticipated to be on sale shortly. In the 12T series, Xiaomi will introduce two devices. These consist of the 12T and 12T Pro. Both phones will have cutting-edge hardware. The 200MP sensor for the 12T series has also been officially verified by the company.

The phones’ other specs are presently a secret. However, the most crucial detail about the phones — their price — has now surfaced thanks to a fresh leak. Roland Quandt, a tipster, disclosed the pricing of the 12T series on Twitter before its release.

There are two storage choices for the Xiaomi 12T series’ debut. The base 12T will come equipped with 8GB of RAM out of the box and support up to 256GB of storage. The 8GB + 128GB edition of the plain 12T 5G, according to tipster Quandt, will cost EUR 580 (around Rs 46,300), while the 8GB + 256GB variant will cost EUR 630. (roughly Rs 50,300).

On the other hand, the 12T Pro will ship with up to 12GB of RAM. Its basic model will come with 256GB of internal storage and 8GB of RAM. The cost of this version will be EUR 770. (roughly Rs 61,400). There is the most expensive 12GB + 256GB model, which will cost EUR 800. (roughly Rs 63,800).

The 12T series will debut in Lunar Silver, Blue, and Black/Gray color options, as already mentioned in leaks. On October 4, the business will make the information public.