Martha is Dead Awarded the Best Innovation Award at the Italian Game Awards

Martha is Dead Awarded the Best Innovation Award at the Italian Game Awards

It’s virtually an art form to make a game that can make gamers jump out of their seats, but fortunately, there are many companies out there that can deliver the fright. This year’s Summer Game Fest was almost entirely devoted to horror games, with announcements for Aliens Dark Descent and a video for the Callisto Protocol. With so many independent and AAA titles available, it appears like the genre is experiencing something of a golden period. One such instance is the newly honored LKA film Martha is Dead.

The psychological horror game received the “Best Innovation” prize for 2022 at the Italian Game Awards, which was held a few few days ago. Other awards include “Best Italian Debut”, won by Vesper from Cordens Interactives, and “Outstanding Italians Company”, given to Nacon Studio Milan, a studio developing a future Terminator survival game. Hot Wheels Unleashed won the title of “Best Italian Game” overall because it perfectly encapsulated the appeal of the vintage toys.

It’s encouraging to see scary video games receiving the respect they merit. Many people will be happy that LKA’s title has received praise because the genre is frequently ignored in visual media, especially cinema, by award organizations and the Academy. Along with Resident Evil 8, Returnal, and the impending Giger/Beksiski-inspired Scorn, Martha is Dead was one of the most eagerly awaited horror titles of 2021. Despite winning, Martha is Dead has a mixed reception; its Xbox One version now has a Metacritic score of 58 while the PC version has a score of 72.

Additionally, Martha is Dead had to be filtered prior to its release on PlayStation owing to criticism around one especially gruesome sequence in the game. Sony’s insistence that certain elements be removed before the game could debut on the PS4 and PS5 displeased LKA. It may be claimed, nevertheless, that the action may have gone unnoticed by anyone save the diehard horror enthusiasts. Many players are aware that contentious games can spark curiosity, which frequently results in higher sales.

It’s unclear if Sony’s disagreement with any of the content is what got the Italian Game Awards’ notice. In any event, perhaps more people are beginning to pay attention to the genre as a result of horror games like Chernobylite, a survival game based on the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, earning last month’s “Best Polish Game of 2021” audience award.

The video game Martha is Dead is currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox series X/S.

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