New leak from PlayStation may just have revealed a new Uncharted PS5 game

New leak from PlayStation may just have revealed a new Uncharted PS5 game

A new Uncharted PS5 game may have recently unintentionally been revealed by PlayStation. There have been rumors and speculative claims that Sony San Diego is working on Uncharted 5, or whatever the name of the upcoming Naughty Dog game will be. These persistent reports, however, fizzled out during the previous year or two, and in some cases they were replaced with rumors that the project in issue was shelved. Fast forward to the present day, and none other than PlayStation itself has partially rekindled these rumors.

Currently seeking a Game Design Intern is “a new PlayStation studio situated in San Diego.” This alone is not significant, but a portion of the position’s job description is. The team studio is now working on a Naughty Dog franchise with Naughty Dog as a co-developer, according to the job post, which as of the time of printing is still up and unmodified.

The job description states, “We are a new PlayStation studio situated in San Diego, CA.

“Through a fantastic gaming experience, our team hopes to have a good influence on SIE by influencing people all over the world to think and feel differently. We are now working on a thrilling new project in a cherished series with Naughty Dog.”

It’s unclear whether this is a new team working under the Sony San Diego organization or a brand-new studio. There are only really three games that may be the team’s current projects: The Last of Us, Jak and Daxter, and Uncharted. Of course, it is also unknown what the team is working on. The first of these three possibilities is doubtful since Naughty Dog is not likely to license The Last of Us elsewhere. Jak and Daxter, the second choice, have been idle for a long time, so its return would be unexpected. That leaves Uncharted, one of PlayStation’s most recognizable franchises and an IP that is currently being adapted into a lucrative film series. In other words, you would anticipate seeing it back as quickly as possible.

Take all of this conjecture with a grain of salt for the time being. Although it appears that this mystery game is Uncharted, there is presently no evidence to support this allegation, much less concrete evidence.