Nintendo won’t bring any new or updated Switch consoles this year

Nintendo won’t bring any new or updated Switch consoles this year

The Nintendo Switch, which debuted in 2017, has been a major success for its designers throughout the course of its five-year existence. In that time, fans have received the Switch Lite and Switch OLED, two new iterations of the console, each of which adds new features for players. According to a Nintendo financial report, the Switch has achieved incredible popularity highs and is presently in the top five best-selling video game consoles of all time, with an impressive sales total of 111 million copies sold.

But the same survey also recognized that Switch sales had lately experienced a little decline. Switch hardware sales decreased by 22% from March to June 2022 as compared to the first quarter of the 2021 fiscal year. Nintendo claims that this issue will pass quickly because a temporary scarcity of semiconductors has temporarily hampered the production of Switch systems. Although the business still intends to achieve its planned Switch sales targets, this may mean that no new hardware will be released this year.

Nikkei has reported that Nintendo has no present plans to produce additional Switch variants. This is mainly because of the previously reported component scarcity, and the business is now solely focused on producing enough Nintendo Switch consoles to reach its sales targets for FY22. The firm will not be building any additional hardware until it can obtain more components, despite its existing goal of shipping 21 million devices by the start of the new fiscal year.

In essence, this disproves previous allegations that Nintendo was considering releasing a Switch Pro system. Additionally, it is doubtful that the video game behemoth would initially concentrate on the Switch’s replacement. Even while this article seems to suggest that there won’t be any new hardware, the Nintendo Switch OLED, which provides games with improved images, hasn’t stopped speculations of a Nintendo Switch 2 or Switch Pro from circulating around.

This information may confirm that there won’t be any new Switch consoles and may also rule out the possibility of any special edition hardware. Super Smash Bros. or Pokemon Sword and Shield are two examples of major Switch releases that frequently come with a dedicated Switch console. For instance, Splatoon 3 received a unique OLED Switch. However, given that the firm has no plans for new hardware at this time, it’s possible that popular games like Bayonetta 3 and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet won’t come with limited-edition Switch consoles.

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