Nothing Phone (1) survives the durability test by a slim margin

Nothing Phone (1) survives the durability test by a slim margin

The most hyped smartphone of 2022, the Nothing Phone (1), was put to the durability test in a video from JerryRigEverything. After surviving a few stress tests, the Nothing Phone (1), which was renowned for its distinctive design language, was able to pass the durability test. The YouTuber Zach Nelson put the Nothing Phone (1) through a number of tests, including scratching the screen with pointed objects and further bending it to see how durable it would be.

The Phone (1) survived the test with a few minor scuffs here and there because of its several layers of protection against drops and scratches. Nelson started his test as usual by scratching the Phone (1)’s display. At Mohs hardness level 6, the screen started to show scratches, and at level 7, the grooves got deeper. Despite having a layer of Gorilla Glass 5 protection, the Phone (1)’s display is not entirely impervious to sharp things.

Nelson’s bend test, in which the YouTuber presses on both sides of the device to assess its endurance, was also passed by Nothing Phone (1). In the past, several phones have been broken in half. A few weak linkages, such as antenna lines, buttons or the camera module cutout, cause certain metal frames, which some have a plastic frame, split in half.

The company’s flagship device, the OnePlus 10 Pro, which was released earlier this year, broke in half when some force was applied. On the other hand, Nothing’s smartphone passed the test. The antenna lines did not split in half. Every time the phone was bent, there were some sounds inside as well. Fortunately, neither did the LED lights on the rear panel, and after the test, Phone (1) continued to operate normally.

The Gorilla Glass 5 covers the front and back of the Nothing Phone (1)’s recyclable aluminum body. Although the device’s toughness and endurance are not its USP, it is encouraging to see a mid-range phone withstand the beating.

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