Nothing will sell the Nothing Phone (1) via an invite system

Nothing will sell the Nothing Phone (1) via an invite system

The CEO of Nothing, Carl Pei, also co-founded OnePlus, and there are many similarities between the two companies, particularly in the marketing division. For its upcoming phone, Nothing has employed a teaser strategy like that of OnePlus, dropping little (or significant) tidbits of information here and there apparently every other day to keep it in the news cycle for weeks. That’s exactly what OnePlus used to do, and as it turns out, Nothing will adopt an additional antecedent OnePlus tactic for its initial smartphone: the invite system.

Love it or loathe it, the OnePlus One’s unveiling was definitely unique, and the Nothing phone (1) will “initially” only be offered through invitations. Despite your opinion of Carl Pei, he undoubtedly ranked amongst the top hype-makers and marketers in the smartphone world.

In the above video, which Nothing shared today, the information on the invite system is revealed near the end (beginning at 13:20). The manufacturing process for the phone is described in depth in the video, and it also shows us that recycled aluminum is used for the smartphone.

Since Nothing won’t have to wait until it has a large amount of phones in stock before commencing shipping, the invite method should help the company sell its products faster. Additionally, it will guarantee that those “in the community” and “those who deserve it the most” be the first to receive a phone. The company is “more than eager to open broader” once “they’re delighted.”

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