Now you can pre-order God of War Ragnarok Standard Edition in India

Now you can pre-order God of War Ragnarok Standard Edition in India

Pre-orders for God of War Ragnarok by Santa Monica Studio have recently gone live worldwide and in India. The game has finally been given a release date. Retailers like Amazon, GamesTheShop and others have stock. Only the Standard/Launch Edition of the game, which has no extras or exclusive in-game goods, is eligible for pre-orders. November 9th, 2022 will see the release of the game.

The PS4 and PS5 editions of the game are presently up for pre-order. The pricing of the game for the PS4 is INR 3,999, while the price for the PS5 is INR 4,999. As more titles start to follow this new pricing point for current-gen games, the new INR 4,999 price tag of new PS5 games is a hot issue among the video game community.

At launch, games similar to The Last of Us Part I will likewise cost INR 4,999/USD 70.

Game pre-orders may also be made digitally through PlayStation Store, as usual. To clarify, pre-ordering the game on launch day offers almost no advantages over pre-ordering after launch day because it does not come with any exclusive extras.

It is unknown if the game’s Collector’s Edition or Steelbook Version will also be available for pre-order shortly. One of the biggest releases of the year, God of War Ragnarok, will eventually be released on November 9th, 2022 after much uncertainty.

Even though the game is a cross-generational release—that is, it will work on both last-generation and current-generation consoles—it is one of the most thrilling PS5 hardware demos. The game’s release date was initially set for November of this year, however it had previously been confirmed during the PS5 reveal event in 2020.

The Norse Saga will come to an end with God of War Ragnarok, as Santa Monica has announced, but the franchise’s future seems tremendously promising.

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