OnePlus 10T snaps like a twig in the bend test

OnePlus 10T snaps like a twig in the bend test

Although it is a newer phone, the OnePlus 10T is not the OnePlus 10 Pro’s official successor. Perhaps, it has been redesigned to survive the bend test, in contrast to the OnePlus 10 Pro, which essentially broke in half when bent with significant force, a few months ago.

That is what JerryRigEverything’s host Zack on YouTube set out to discover in his now-”traditional” Scratch, burn and bend “durability test”. Watch the video below to see how OnePlus’ most recent smartphone performed.

The OnePlus 10T gets off to a good start since, like almost all other smartphones, its screen is made of glass, which scratches at level 6 on the Mohs scale and gets deeper grooves at level 7. All is well this far. Under a lighter, the screen lasts for around 20 seconds until the pixels start to become white and never fully recover. That is quite typical behavior for an AMOLED display.

Now for the important part. Bending the phone from the back results in a crack exactly where the 10 Pro’s did—under the camera island—but bending it from the front causes no problems. Beyond their comparable aesthetics, these two phones undoubtedly have internal, structural similarities as well. And regrettably, it appears like OnePlus did not have enough time to improve the design. Possibly next year.

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