OnePlus Ace Pro launch event in China postponed

OnePlus Ace Pro launch event in China postponed

Today’s event in China was planned by OnePlus to introduce the Ace Pro. The launch ceremony and associated activities, however, have now been postponed by the corporation without an explanation or a new launch date being provided.

This OnePlus statement came after Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the US House of Representatives, arrived in Taiwan, which heightened tensions between the US and China because China views Taiwan as its territory.

Not just OnePlus canceled its launch event in China. Motorola also postponed yesterday’s introduction of the Razr 2022 and X30 Pro. The Lenovo-owned company did not state the new launch date or the reason for postponing the event. However, it can be because of escalating tensions across the Asian continent.

The OnePlus 10T, which is anticipated to be the Ace Pro for the foreign markets running OxygenOS instead of ColorOS, will be unveiled in its Ace Pro presentation in China. The live webcast of the event will start at 2 PM UTC today on OnePlus’ official channels.

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