Over 80% of iPhone 14 series phones will have Samsung made display

Over 80% of iPhone 14 series phones will have Samsung made display

Ross Young from DSCC said that Samsung Display is once again in control of the panel shipping for iPhones (Display Supply Chain Consultants). Apple purchased 82% of its panels from Samsung, 12% from LG Display in Korea and the remaining 6% from the Chinese BOE, according to internal data.

The report said that initially, only Samsung screens will be used in iPhone 14 Pro Max devices. According to reports, LG is having “technical issues” keeping up with demand and will start supplying screens as early as September.

On the other end is the Chinese manufacturer BOE, which is capable of producing in large quantities but whose sales are restricted to the iPhone 14 series by Apple, with no Pro in sight. Samsung produced 83% of all screens for the iPhone 13 series, thus its market share is comparable to that level now.

According to specific data provided by Young, there were 1.8 million shipments from display factories to assembly facilities in June, 5.35 million in July, over 10 million in August and over 16.5 million in September. This indicates that Apple expects to sell at least 34 million iPhone 14 devices in the first three months after its release.

On September 7, the Far Out event will take place in Cupertino, and four new phones—the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max—will be unveiled. New smartwatches and the new A16 chipset, which will exclusively power the Pro variants, will also be unveiled.

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