OxygenOS 12 stable version rolling out for OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G

OxygenOS 12 stable version rolling out for OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G

OnePlus is prepared to release the stable OxygenOS 12 upgrade for the Nord CE 2 5G after a few weeks of beta testing. The phone was first released in February with Android 11-based OxygenOS 11.3, and following this upgrade, it will get one more significant OS update (also, the company has committed to 3 years of security patches).

This update (version C.05) contains the July security patch in addition to all the new features from Android 12 and new features from OnePlus. The new version’s complete changelog is provided below:


  • Enhanced desktop icons with better textures that combine lighting and layers in a style that is inspired by new materials.
  • Optimized AI System Booster to version 2.1 to help the system function properly even under heavy demand.
  • enhanced facial recognition and software optimization to better recognize the features and skin tone of various figures

Dark Mode:

  • Three new movable levels have been introduced, providing a more comfortable and individualized user experience.

Work Life Balance:

  • A recently added function called Work Life Balance lets you quickly transition between work and personal mode.
  • Automatic Work/Life mode switching is now possible, based on certain places, Wi-Fi networks, and times, and it also brings personalized App notification profiles.


  • The gallery layout is now more aesthetically pleasant thanks to newly enabled two-finger pinch switching between several layouts, automatically identifying the best-quality images, and thumbnail cropping based on the content.

Canvas AOD:

  • Various new line and color patterns have been introduced for a more unique lock screen experience with motivational graphics.
  • Multiple brushes, strokes, and capability for color correction have just been introduced.

Make sure your Nord CE 2 5G has at least 5GB of free storage and a battery charge of at least 30% before installing the update. Keep in mind that because the update is being released gradually, you might not notice it straight away. It is now only accessible to a limited portion of people, but that number will grow over the next few days.

For feedback from people who have already installed the update, check out this forum thread. If required, there are additional instructions on how to revert to Android 11 available.

By the way, OxygenOS 12 began rolling out to the original OnePlus Nord CE yesterday.

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