Production of Pixels relocated to Vietnam while the production of 2023 foldable remains in China

Production of Pixels relocated to Vietnam while the production of 2023 foldable remains in China

The manufacturer of the most popular technology in the world is moving from China to Vietnam, according to a recent article in The New York Times. The report makes several references to Google, Apple and Microsoft, so let’s start with them.

According to people familiar with Google’s plans, “Part of Google’s newest Pixel phone production will be done in Vietnam”, The New York Times reports. Google intends to start manufacturing the Pixel 7 in Vietnam after moving assembly of its Pixel phones from Foxconn facilities in southern China. Apparently, “[Google] expects Vietnam to provide as much as half of next year’s high-end Pixel phones”.

Google is working on a foldable tablet that might debut in 2023 and whose manufacturing may remain in China. According to the sources, this is because of the newer screen and hinge technologies, which would necessitate moving the manufacture of the device closer to important Chinese suppliers.

Although a story from early last month said that Google had given Foxconn control of production for a Q4 release, this doesn’t line up with The New York Times’ projection for 2023. The Pixel foldable, also known as the “Pixel Notepad,” was believed to cost around $100.

Google’s anticipated Pixel foldable has yet to receive official acknowledgement, but leaks and speculations indicated that it has been postponed several times. The epidemic played a significant role in the disruption of China’s supply system. Additionally, frequent lockdowns slowed down manufacturing and hurt big tech’s sales.

While Apple now produces iPad and Apple Watches in Vietnam, just a small portion of the iPhones it produces in 2022 will be built in India. A recent list of Apple’s 200 main suppliers revealed that 10% of them have plants in Vietnam. According to reports, Apple will eventually test India’s capacity to create iPhones by moving a portion of its entire iPhone manufacturing there.

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