Realme officially announced the Realme Care+ after sale service in India

Realme officially announced the Realme Care+ after sale service in India

Realme has made its first announcement of Care+ in India. The service offers some Realme product after-sale assistance. With Realme Care+, the business will charge an additional fee for things like screen damage prevention, accidental damage insurance and extended warranty options.

A toll-free customer service number, 1800 102 2777, has been opened by the firm to allay any questions regarding Realme Care+. A customer with a question can call the business at the listed telephone number to get an answer. In addition, the business has made it clear that the warranty plan will begin as soon as it is acquired. One device with a certain IMEI number may only utilize Realme Care+.

Three services are available through the Realme Care+, including extended warranties, accidental warranties, and screen damage protection plans. First off, an infinite number of repairs or gadget replacements are available under the extended warranty plan. The plan has a price range of Rs. 589 to Rs. 2,799 and is good for a year.

The accidental warranty, on the other hand, covers both physical and liquid damage. It has a pricing range of Rs 689 to Rs 4899 and a one-year validity.


The screen damage protection program also includes a one-time screen replacement. Priced between Rs. 489 to Rs. 2549, it has a 12-month validity.

One must enter their device’s serial or IMEI number on the Realme Care+ website in order to receive an accurate price quotation. When making a service reservation on the same website, a customer might submit one of these requests. After that, the gadget will be sent to a nearby service facility for repair before being delivered back to you.

A user’s ability to terminate their Realme Care+ membership has also been clarified by Realme. Only individuals who purchased the warranty plan together with a Realme gadget are eligible to return or cancel it. However, you are unable to cancel it if it was bought separately.