Remake version of the Horizon Zero Dawn possibly in the development

Remake version of the Horizon Zero Dawn possibly in the development

According to recent rumors, Guerilla, a division of PlayStation Studios, may be developing a new Horizon Zero Dawn Remaster/Remake for the PS5. The purported firm may also be releasing the game on PC in addition to the PlayStation 5 of the current generation, so the gravy train doesn’t end there.

According to the MP2st report, the “remake” would have updated textures, animations and character models in addition to a better lighting system. While there is ongoing disagreement among fans over whether a game as recent as Horizon Zero Dawn requires a second pass, most appear to agree that PlayStation wouldn’t incur additional costs for the remake.

That there may also be a new multiplayer/co-op feature in the game on PC and PS5 is maybe the most intriguing aspect of this new remake/remaster. Similar debate was generated by The Last of Us Part 1 recently, which many in the gaming world believed didn’t require an update quite yet.

There is a significant sense of weariness in the gaming community about remakes and remasters, despite the fact that the current console generation has produced some fantastic, unique, fresh games like Elden Ring, Deathloop, and Returnal. The majority of games that are now playable on the PS5 are updated/remastered versions of old favorites.

While older games like Final Fantasy VII would benefit more from such a facelift, PS4 native editions of The Last of Us and Horizon Zero Dawn are still very entertaining. With programs like the currently-airing Horizon Zero Dawn series and the HBO series The Last of Us, PlayStation has made a purposeful choice to broaden its intellectual property outside video games.

Remakes or remasters might be a means to introduce fans of the brand who are unfamiliar with the games to the finest possible gaming experience on modern systems. While The Last of Us Part I appears to have had some success, it will be fascinating to see if by the time Horizon Zero Dawn gets a remake or remaster, viewer fatigue has really begun to set in.