Remastered version of Bloodborne not supposedly arriving anytime soon

Remastered version of Bloodborne not supposedly arriving anytime soon

The video game industry is now seeing an explosion in remake, remaster, and reimagining projects. The chance to leverage new technology and more contemporary production processes to resurrect classic games has never been more valuable, especially with the impending release of the remake of Resident Evil 4 and other titles of similar type, including Dead Space and The Last Of Us: Part 1. Another game that some believe may benefit from a remaster is Bloodborne, although despite how much fans would like to see one, it doesn’t appear that it will, not at the moment, at least.

That’s what prominent Bloomberg writer Jason Schreier claimed in a tweet. He recently reacted to a Twitter user who inquired about the timing of his rumored future Bloodborne remake information leak. Simply stating that he could not reveal “what doesn’t exist,” Schreier gave his response. People in the comments are now persuaded that no such remaster is in the works as a result of this.

Even while neither the game’s creator FromSoftware nor its publisher Sony have ever explicitly said that the game was being reconditioned, speculations about it still persisted. Some fans started to think that Bloodborne was being remastered last year, and that Bluepoint Games, the studio behind Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and the Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection, was in charge of it. While Schreier’s reaction may have disappointed some fans, it doesn’t necessarily follow that the game won’t eventually receive a remaster; nonetheless, there don’t appear to be any present official plans.

Unfortunately, a lot of players were unable to enjoy Bloodborne because it was a PS4 exclusive. Some people would want to see this PlayStation-only game port to PC in addition to PS5. Even if the game has enjoyed widespread acclaim since its 2015 debut, there may be a sizable number of potential fans who would welcome the chance to play one of the most renowned FromSoftware games from the previous generation.

The Soulsborne model is still proving to be successful, with Elden Ring being one of the top rated video games ever. Some people might be unhappy that a Bloodborne remake doesn’t appear likely, at least not very soon. However, other people could believe that the game is already good and doesn’t require any graphic changes. In any event, a lot of people undoubtedly concur that the developer is simply throwing money away by not making the game available on any other platforms save the PS4.

Bloodborne is currently accessible on PS4.

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