Resident Evil 4 to debut on PS4 but not for Xbox One

Resident Evil 4 to debut on PS4 but not for Xbox One

Last night’s Tokyo Game Show showcased Resident Evil 4, which will now be released on PC, PS5, PS4 and Xbox Series X/S. However, it seems odd that the Xbox One version won’t be made available. Although that might change closer to launch, as of right now, it appears that the game is not being created on the platform.

The game will undoubtedly be among the best-selling ones of the year when it is released on March 24, 2023. The game is a recreation of the 2004 modern classic, which is mainly regarded for changing the horror-survival genre as a whole as well as third-person action games.

Major portions of the game are polished in the remake, and Capcom is including elements from other remakes like Resident Evil 1, 2, and 3.

It’s strange that the Xbox One version of the game won’t be released with the last-gen PS4 version. The Xbox One and PS4 version are on an equal playing field in terms of power and performance and cross-gen games are often released for both systems.

The Xbox One logo is conspicuously absent from the key art Capcom has released, however the company hasn’t explicitly stated that the game won’t be made available on the device. On March 23, 2023, the game will be accessible on PC at the same time as it is on consoles.

To run the game at higher settings and obtain better framerates, a powerful PC setup is probably required. In addition to being a fan favourite within the series, Resident Evil 4 is also regarded as one of the all-time greatest video games.

It will be fascinating to see what changes the development team has made to the formula and how it stands up with newly created graphics, gameplay mechanics, and other things. Additionally, Capcom has scheduled a Resident Evil Showcase for the following month, which is anticipated to go into specifics about gameplay and the added plot modifications.

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