Resident Evil 8 patch with fixes in development by Capcom after recent update results in crashes

Resident Evil 8 patch with fixes in development by Capcom after recent update results in crashes

Since a recent update, Capcom has acknowledged that major crashes have occurred when attempting to play the PC version of Resident Evil 8, and it assures everyone that the problem is being investigated. Since the seventh installment debuted in 2017, which gave the game new vitality and helped it return to its horror origins, the RE series has been flying high and will soon be joined by the Shadows of Rose DLC. Fans of RE8 may anticipate a showcase that will come at some time in addition to fresh material.

Capcom recently announced the next Resident Evil event, which was first said to be airing “soon” but has subsequently been revealed to be airing on October 20. The company will use the presentation to go into more information about the Resident Evil 8 Gold Edition, which will be released on October 28, as well as the future Resident Evil 4 remake, which will debut on March 24, 2023. The PC edition of the eighth entry has several obvious problems, despite the fact that many players are anxiously expecting the event.

Players complain that a notice stating that their data is incompatible and advising a restart shows on bootup when the most recent update for the PC version of Resident Evil 8 is installed. Capcom apologized to anyone who has encountered crashes in a tweet, noting that the firm is aware of the issue. The tweet also mentions that the studio is working to find a solution, but it doesn’t disclose when a patch could be forthcoming. A report from Kotaku in the interim refers to a solution created by Steam user FluffyQuack. So, while the developer is working on a more long-term solution, it ought to provide a stopgap measure.

October 28 is looking to be an exciting day for video games with the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and the Gold Edition of Resident Evil 8 both scheduled for that day. It feels like a wonderful time to be a lover of all things scary right now with the recent release of Ebb Software’s H.R. Giger-inspired Scorn and the upcoming digital release of The Last of Us.

The original Resident Evil has been a flagship title for Capcom since the mid-1990s and contributed to the definition of the survival horror subgenre. The series suffered a bit of a slump with the fifth and sixth installments, but the first four are still regarded as masterpieces, and the two most recent films—including Village—prove that there’s still life in this series.