Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 goes through durability test

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 goes through durability test

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 from Samsung, the brand’s latest foldable, survived JerryRigEverything’s “durability test” at the end of last month, though it wasn’t quite in perfect condition.

Now it’s the turn of its younger sibling, the Galaxy Z Flip 4, to go through the same arduous evaluations. Let’s see if it turns out that the smaller device is more brittle or not.

Since the Flip 4’s exterior screen is made of glass, as one might imagine, it scratches at level 6 on the Mohs scale, with deeper ridges appearing at level 7. In contrast, the inner display or rather the screen protector placed on top of it, develops scratches at level 2, whereas level 3 scratches result in deeper grooves. This implies that the surface could actually be harmed by fingernails.

Aluminum makes up the phone’s sides, while metal is used for the keys and the SIM card slot. The phone is exposed to a lot of dirt, much like with the Fold 4, to test the hinge and everything works out just fine. Since it is plastic after all, the interior screen protector melts when exposed to an open flame.

Last but not the least, the Flip 4 makes a lot of unusual popping noises while bending backwards, although it still functions normally. It no longer completely closes, though, as a result of all the misuse. This test aimed to determine how durable a foldable device is nowadays, and maybe it offers a helpful response if you were curious about that.

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