Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 disassembled in a video

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 disassembled in a video

A few days after conducting his now-famous “durability test” on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4, YouTuber Zack from the JerryRigEverything channel is back with the expected follow-up: the deconstruction. You can watch the entire thing in the attached video below.

This kind of video is perfect for you if you like to view the insides of phones to how they seem on the outside. The Fold4 is more exciting than a typical slab-style phone since it can be folded, and Samsung claims to have improved the hinge. Is that so? View the video for yourself to see.

The flexible inner screen of the Galaxy Z Fold4 is made up of several layers, all of which are revealed during the deconstruction at the risk of the display never functioning again. Although the screen may be good with folding in one direction, it surely doesn’t enjoy being folded in any other direction. A new metal plate and cutout for the under-display camera are also present beneath the display assembly.

The metal frame that houses the outer screen’s glass is inlaid, making removal exceedingly difficult without damaging it. However, after removing dozens of screws, all of the internal components are accessible after the screens have been removed. Battery removal and replacement are more difficult than they need to be since the batteries are locked in place with a lot of glue and no release tabs.

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