Samsung ISOCELL HP3 200MP sensor announced with smallest ever pixels

Samsung ISOCELL HP3 200MP sensor announced with smallest ever pixels

Samsung ISOCELL HP3 is the brand’s latest 200 MP sensor. Its 0.56 m “industry’s smallest pixel” is 12 percent smaller than the previous model. Thanks to a new algorithm for stacking photos, it promises faster auto-focusing and much sharper HDR.

Even though we haven’t seen a phone with it yet, the new sensor, which debuted nine months after the ISOCELL HP1, is the first 200MP camera sensor for smartphones. Since then, Samsung has been able to reduce the pixel size from 0.64 m, creating a new sensor that is 1/1.4″ type and is around 20% smaller than the previous model.

For 50MP photographs, the 4-to-1 binning results in 1.12μm pixels. The new sensor also allows 16-to-1 binning for enormous 2.24μm pixels and 12.5MP images in extremely dim conditions.

Additionally, Samsung bragged about their Super-QPD auto-focusing system. Every cluster of four pixels has a single lens that can detect phase variations in both the coordinates, and every pixel has AF capabilities. Additionally, the sensor can capture 4K At 120 fps and 8K @ 30 fps films with “little reduction in the field of vision.”

To increase HDR performance, the upgraded Smart-ISO Pro function now combines data from three stages—low, mid, and high ISO mode. ISOCELL HP3 can produce images with 4 trillion colors (14-bit depth), which is 64 times more than the 68 billion colors of predecessor, HP1.

Samsung anticipates starting commercial manufacturing of the ISOCELL HP3 this year and is prepared to offer samples to smartphone makers.

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