Samsung will skip the depth sensing camera for the Galaxy A24, A34 and A54

Samsung will skip the depth sensing camera for the Galaxy A24, A34 and A54

A breaking story! Samsung is a Nothing clone! Well, not really, but according to a recent rumor from its native Korea, It will grow closer to the new brand’s camera-related ideology next year.

The future Samsung Galaxy A24, A34 and A54 models, scheduled for sale in 2023, reportedly won’t include the pointless depth detecting cameras. To become more like Nothing, a brand that just unveiled a phone with just two camera sensors—the primaryone that just unveiled a phone and the ultrawide one—it will not also eliminate the nearly worthless macro cameras from these phones.

The majority of mid-range devices in that price range actually only have two useful cameras, the primary camera and the ultrawide camera, but manufacturers felt the need to add at least one additional unit, if not two – a depth sensor here, a monochrome camera there and a macro camera somewhere – to pad their rears. This has been an open secret in the industry for the past few years.

Has anybody ever been persuaded by this sensor inflation—which appears to have predicted the real inflation—that a $200 Samsung, Poco or Redmi has a fantastic camera simply because there are so many of them? The unknown. But it really has to stop soon, and it appears that Samsung will contribute to that goal. If this story is true, it will at least get off to a nice start.

The Galaxy A24 will have a 50MP main sensor, an 8MP ultrawide and a 5MP macro camera, according to the same report, while the A34 will stick with a 48MP primary camera and keep the other two the same. Strangely enough, if this story is accurate, the A54, which ought to be the top of this bunch, will only include a 5MP ultrawide shooter. Alongside that will be the 50MP primary camera and the 5MP macro, which is regrettably still required for Samsung devices.

Samsung will reportedly “strengthen” the necessary camera specifications for the other sensors using the money it won’t be spending on including those depth sensors in smartphones. The Galaxy A34 is anticipated to arrive in March of next year, while the A54 is anticipated to follow one month later.

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