Skull & Bones release postponed yet again, now set to arrive in 2023

Skull & Bones release postponed yet again, now set to arrive in 2023

According to a fresh press statement from the publisher, Skull & Bones appears to have experienced yet another delay from Ubisoft. The game has now been postponed five times, which simply goes to show how terribly challenging the development cycle for this pirate, open-world RPG has been.

The game is now scheduled to make its official debut on March 9 2023, for Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Stadia and PC. The game won’t be released on last generation systems (PS4 and Xbox One). The good news is that Ubisoft will host an open beta before the game’s global release to allow gamers explore the Skull & Bone world.

Ubisoft affirms that the game’s development is complete at this point and that the extra time will be spent to enhance the experience and balance it based on user feedback.

Even though a delay is typically not well-liked by the community, it is eventually beneficial to the community. A delay gives the creators additional time to iron out the intricacies in the game and polish the experience before launch.

The game has truly been put through the ringer because it was repeatedly delayed and finally scrapped during production and then brought back. Initially, it appeared like we might finally receive the game this year, but it now seems that we will need to wait a few more months before we can set sail and start looting.

It’s rumored in the industry that publishers want to avoid competing with God of War Ragnarok, which will be released in November and is regarded as a giant. Moving out of Santa Monica Studio’s landmark project may be a good decision in order to optimize the game’s success, albeit this is only conjecture at this moment.