Sony introduced the PS5 God of War Ragnarok bundle, scheduled to debut alongside the game

Sony introduced the PS5 God of War Ragnarok bundle, scheduled to debut alongside the game

The God of War Ragnarok combo, the most recent PlayStation 5 bundle from Sony, will be released on November 9 along with the game. It makes perfect sense for SIE to be including it with their new system considering it is one of this year’s major releases and quite likely the largest console exclusive for PlayStation.

Given that Sony anticipates shipping additional consoles over the course of the next year or two, a God of War Ragnarok package seems like a wise choice. The game is one of the most eagerly anticipated releases of the year. Other noteworthy exclusives included in the PlayStation 4 package from Sony include Gran Turismo 7 and Horizon Forbidden West.

The package will soon arrive in India as well, where it is anticipated to be sold by all the main online retailers, including Amazon, Flipkart, ShopatSC, and others.

These PS5 packages often come in India a few weeks or months after the console’s official release. This is the ideal combo for individuals wishing to purchase a new Sony system only for the sake of playing the much anticipated sequel to God of War from last year.

It is currently unknown how much the console will cost in India, however in the previous, the PS5 Horizon Forbidden West Digital Edition Bundle cost Rs. 43,990, while the optical disc edition cost Rs. 53,990. As the Horizon Forbidden West package was offered months after the game’s launch, there is a potential that this bundle’s price will be a little bit more.

In contrast to the Digital Edition, which only comes with a coupon for the PlayStation Store, the God of War Ragnarok package includes both the console and a physical copy of the game (for the disc edition). On November 9, 2022, the game will be released and will be playable on both the PS5 and PlayStation 4 of the present generation.